Lincoln’s Beard is an alternative/folk/rock band from Vancouver, WA.

Since 2006, Lincoln’s Beard has been writing, recording, and playing their original tunes far and wide throughout the Pacific NW. Currently a 3 piece band, consisting of acoustic guitar, electric guitar/lap steel, electric bass/banjo, Lincoln’s Beard plays high energy shows that keep your feet tapping and moving.

Lincoln's Beard is:

Aram Arslanian:

Aram is LBs senior guitar player. He joined the band in 2011 hoping to make them much louder than they were. Aram also provides LBs ear candy in the way of harmonica, lap steel, keyboards and harmonies. He was born/raised in Boston and spent 12 years in LA sharpening his volume skills before coming to Vancouver WA. He performs his own music under the moniker 'ORPHAN TRAIN’. In 2013 Aram was voted Portland's ‘Most Likeley to Told to Turn Down’ guitarist.

Dwayne Spence:

A bass and banjo player from the good ole Carolina's. Although he has written a few LB songs, he is most often a collaborator in the songwriting process for the band. Dwyane releases much of his own work on obscure, short run, solo albums. So obscure, in fact, you'll have to call his grandma for a copy.  

Kristopher Chrisopulos:

Kristopher plays acoustic guitar, sings, and loves to garden. He is adept at growing delicious squash and carrots. He is also the primary song/idea man for Lincoln's Beard.

Graham Clement:
Graham is the drummer.  He loves dogs and a delish fresh hop.